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eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions drives over 20% of all ecommerce revenue for our clients. With over a decade of Pay-Per-Click marketing success, eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions serves as an extension of your business by being an advocate for your brand. Our PPC management services are certified by Google and Bing and support Pay-Per-Click marketing and social advertising strategies.

When considering a partner for your Pay-Per-Click marketing and social advertising campaigns, you should look to eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions. Our strategic place in eBay Enterprise provides you with search and social marketing strategies containing better purchase insight and access to technology not available to other PPC management services companies.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)

Clients partnered with eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions to manage their valuable Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing spend are empowered to leverage both personalized campaign management as well as automated software creating a balance of your investment that creates better return on investment (ROI).

By working with eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions, you gain a partner with a direct relationship with Google, allowing us to be included in betas when Adwords has new feature launches. This benefit is passed onto you because we stay ahead of the competition, keeping you ahead of industry curves.

eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions combines a unique approach to PPC management combining both personalized and automated campaign management. Ultimately, this empowers you to not pay an account manager to do work technology can do, and subsequently, you’re not paying for technology to do the job that demands personalized service.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing your organic search requires industry leading insight to develop and pro-actively navigate through constant changes in SEO strategies. With eBay Enterprise Marketing solutions you’ll gain a partner with mastery knowledge of SEO strategies and execution that embraces other performance channel strategies.

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