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ClearSaleing is now eBay Enterprise

Visibility. Measurability. Confidence.

eBay Enterprise Attribution (formerly ClearSaleing) marketing analytics technology offers marketers and agencies a proven path to success. As consumers lead the shift to more fragmented digital channels, it is no longer theoretical, but vital to accurately measure, constantly compare and optimize ROI and profitability across your marketing portfolio. How vital is attribution to your business success? Consider that Forrester Research reported a 605% return on investment for advertisers utilizing the eBay Enterprise Attribution platform. The days of the “last-click wins” mentality and siloed online strategies have passed. eBay Enterprise Attribution cross-channel marketing analytics platform provides a single source of truth for deep insight into all digital channels simultaneously. The solution measures and calibrates across paid search, comparison shopping engines, display media, email communications, social media, natural traffic and more, and delivers targeted and powerful recommendations for improvement both within and across channels.

Complete lens into the customer journey and purchase path across all paid, earned, and owned digital media.

Objectivity and Flexibility
Glass-box attribution designed for flexibility, objectivity and daily adaptation for any advertiser and vertical.

Visualization to Action
Powerful visualization of marketing data with out-of-the-box integration into media buying and key digital ecosystem partners.

Centralize. Analyze. Optimize.

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