Display & Mobile Advertising

Attract and convert new customers

Marketers know that an effective digital ad campaign needs to reach the right customer at the right time, with the right message. Many advertising partners claim they offer this capability, but only eBay Enterprise Display is powered by the eBay Audience Platform. It is unique in its ability to use first party commerce data to understand consumer behavior, and apply it in real time to display ad targeting and optimization. By skillfully applying that knowledge we can reach and engage your ideal audience with greater certainty, less waste, and higher performance.

The result is engaging, optimized content, all in real time. You can see the results in your bottom line. The eBay Audience Platform also allows you to leverage your first party customer data together with first-party data from one of the world's largest marketplaces. You can target and engage existing and prospective customers, while creating a more personalized, relevant shopping experience. You'll deliver campaigns that drive new customer acquisition while increasing repeat purchases.

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Display & Mobile Advertising Features

Flexible Solutions and Services

Make multiple channels work for you with our creative team, advanced analytics, and attribution. Create and manage your own program with the latest technology, or take advantage of a full-service solution.

Benefit from Valuable First Party Commerce Data

With over $255 billion in commerce volume, eBay is one of the world’s largest marketplaces. It is linked to the profiles of 150 million active users, and half of the population interacts with eBay in some way, every month. Now you can enjoy the powerful insights this produces. By using this data in real time you can find the right audience for your campaign. With historical purchase behavior data and current in-market shopping data, you can match our data with your first party CRM data to reactivate past customers.

Deterministic Cross-Device Targeting

Your customers like to log on using multiple devices. Now you can be certain you are reaching the right audiences through behavioral targeting. This 100% privacy-complaint solution uses anonymized and aggregated data.

Safe Inventory

Execute your campaigns on a wide range of environments from desktop, mobile, and video pre-roll ad inventory. eBay Enterprise is integrated with leading content screening and inventory partners to bring you the best, brand safe public and private content.

Data Science Technology

A unique data science model allows you to unlock the predictive value of all our data. Then, we can build custom 'Shop Alike' models to help you find new customers. These campaign optimization tools and processes are custom-built for working with commerce data across multiple channels.

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