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If you need to attract and engage new customers, building a network of publishers can be a smart and quick path to success. However, since consumer behavior changes so quickly, it can be challenging for publishers to deliver on their promises. Successful marketers need publisher partners who can expand their brand’s reach and drive transactions online, via mobile, and through multi-channel applications.
The eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network is a proprietary platform that connects your business with 200,000+ publishers that are ready to drive sales for your brand, and push your business to the next level.







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Affiliate Network Features

eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network provides powerful tracking technology, dynamic commissions, and customized, innovative analytics that scale to the demands of the largest global organizations. Our vast network of publishers ensures you’ll have the resources and expertise to win new customers and expand your global footprint, growing your business exponentially.

Publisher Network

Reach over 200,000 active network publishers across 20 promotional categories and 30+ verticals. Recruit publishers based on category, promotional method, geographic location, or quality rating.

Online/Offline Coupons

Our partnership with RevTrax offers robust in-store coupon programs. Enjoy up to 40% conversion rates and millions of dollars in incremental revenue.

Social Offering

Track and reward loyal brand advocates for promoting your brand across social media networks. Direct your consumers out of social networks and into your shopping environment to drive purchase behavior.

Dynamic Commissioning

Don’t pay one commission to all publisher referrals. Manage your ROI granularly according to your margins and goals. You can vary a publisher's pay based on your business goals. For example, you might choose to pay a higher commission on orders from new customers, and a lower commission on orders from existing customers. You can do the same with device type, product, SKU, and more.

Robust Analytics

The eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network enables you to optimize your program via 16 distinct reports and countless data points. With tracking technology, customized analytics, innovative applications and a dedicated team of insightful program managers you can execute truly strategic marketing plans.

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Become a Publisher
With the eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network, you can earn commission by promoting our advertiser’s products and services. With each transaction converted by your website, blog, or mobile app, you’ll earn valuable commission, with accurate and transparent reporting to show your campaign’s profit growth.
Why become a publisher?
When you become an affiliate marketing publisher with our network, you’ll leverage omnichannel retailing opportunities and revenue-building tools unavailable to other networks. Publishers have the opportunity to partner with1,500 of the most trusted brands in commerce, including GNC, The Sports Authority, Nordstrom Rack, and Zales.
How do I choose the right advertisers?
You can search for advertisers in the Affiliate Network interface by keyword (i.e. shoes), advertiser category (i.e. flowers) and more, to find the right advertiser for you.
How is my activity tracked?
Your unique publisher ID allows us to track your activity in our system. We provide you with detailed reporting, and process your payments for commissions earned.
How do publishers get paid?
You are paid twice a month via PayPal, on the 1st and 15th. Payments are processed on the 24th for the 1st and the 10th for the 15th. You must accrue at least $25.00 in locked commissions to be paid.
Additional questions?
If you have further questions, please contact our Publisher Development Team at
eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network is top-notch! …Their proactive approach is appreciated, as they look out for opportunities for us to be successful. Our business has grown tremendously as a result of working with eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network!
Being a sub-network who works with many premium original content publishers, our needs are a bit different than the typical affiliate. The eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network team understands this and has consistently provided us with the timely support we need in order for our publisher partners to be successful.
CouponCabin has had the opportunity to work with eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network for almost 8 years now. We have enjoyed getting to know so many of their team members, which include very professional, personable, and motivated people!
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