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[VIDEO] Making sense of the data with David Braunstein at MBS Insight. Relevance matters.

I've been here almost 9 months and I've been working my way around our businesses knowing full well I'd have to start digging into areas that are outside of my comfort zone and past experiences. Database analytics is one of them. I'm barely qualified to type those words let alone wax on about what it means for retailers and ecommerce companies.

After a good amount of research it was time to make the drive up to MBS Insight on Long Island to be enlightened. After a day in their offices and a good talk with senior vice president of strategy services David Braunstein I can say I now know enough to be dangerous. Mostly, as I watched this video a few days later, I realize how my appreciation for analytics has grown. I may not know how to build a database for marketing analytics, but I know where to go when I need more insight to a campaign whether its email marketing, customer service, social media, point of sale or even creative.

I once read a quote about how everything is a good idea until the data says otherwise. That's true. But as David said in my chat "relevance matters."

Part 1 of my talk with David.

Watch more on David's points about email, social shopping, relevance and the proliferation of data in Part 2.

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