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Question: How Can I Drive Higher Conversions? Answer: Google Shopping Campaigns

Earlier this month Google announced it will retire the current paid listing ad (PLA) campaign type in favor of Google Shopping campaigns. This rollout requires all advertisers to upgrade to shopping campaigns by August 2014.

So What’s New?
Google announced the release of three new offerings alongside the rollout, including a bid simulator, increased options for Shopping Campaign creation, and the ability to manage multiple ad groups. These features provide advanced reporting and optimization capabilities that will help measure the performance of products and estimate growth opportunity in real time.

Advertisers can now:

  • Organize inventory by creating product groups with the product attributes in a Google Merchant Center data feed, (ex: product type, brand, condition, item ID and custom labels)
  • Drive increased granularity through custom labels in the feed that allow for five targeting groups for which bid adjustments can be placed (ex: could be leveraged to signify AOV of subcategories)
  • Create product groups or sub-categorize product types via custom labels to identify products (ex: can use to group best-selling products or on-sale items)
  • Analyze impression share data, bid simulation and competitive insights in real time
  • Prioritize campaigns to support special promotions, sale periods, etc.

What this means for you today…
As thought leaders and practitioners in this space, we are helping its clients get in front of this quickly.

eBay Enterprise is working to seamlessly migrate brands and developing a rollout plan for Google Shopping campaigns. Your client services lead will be reaching out with a detailed plan soon.

Read more details about this announcement and how eBay Enterprise will help you through this transition and reap the reward of higher conversions.

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