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[VIDEO] Don’t think fulfillment is competitive? Talk to Craig Hayes

Craig is vice president of fulfillment at GSI Commerce.  I go into Craig’s office and introduce myself and immediately think:

Gosh, he’s really upbeat, affable and charismatic -- not exactly the image I associated with fulfillment and shipping.  And, who the heck is this guy? On the wall is a picture of Craig shaking hands with vice president Al Gore. They look like they actually know each other.  This photo is only outdone by the one above it – Craig with President Bill Clinton.  Is he ex-Secret Service?

I had a list of probing questions ready and immediately nixed the first one:  If fulfillment is so important, why is it the most forgotten and least sexy part of ecommerce? Check out the rest of my chat with Craig on the role of fulfillment in ecommerce.

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