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Big Data: Every Retailer Knows Their Customers

Every retailer knows their customers.  Unless you run a neighborhood fruit stand, it’s very likely that you have so many customers that you don’t actually know them individually.  You think of them collectively and you segment them into groups.

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Soup, Sandwich and Shopping

Lunchtime means different things to different people. For some, it’s a chance to step out of the office and take a much-needed break. For others, it’s a source of stress – how to find time to stuff in a meal during a 2 minute break between meetings. Increasingly, however, lunchtime equals shopping time.

Intuitively, we know an increasing number of workers have access to both work-issued and personal laptop and mobile devices all day long. But employees are surely far too busy and responsible to use those devices to shop at work…

Not so, we’ve found.

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Cash In on Black Friday: Best Practices to Maximize Your Return on Email

Black Friday is around the corner – just 15 days away, on November 28. Last year, Black Friday was the first billion-dollar online shopping day of the holiday season, and sales were up 15% over 2012. Sure, Thanksgiving Day is increasingly popular for those itching to get a jumpstart on sales, but Black Friday is still undeniably the first regular season game in the sport of shopping.

Marketers, are you ready for Black Friday 2014? Review the checklist below and see how many tips you can check off now, and what remains on your to-do list. The effort is worth it to maximize your email program and drive commerce during the most important time of the year.

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New Magento Release Delivers Superior Capabilities to Merchants

Magento released the newest version of Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 and announced Community Edition 1.9.1 today. Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 empowers merchants to create the most unique and captivating online experiences possible for consumers. Available for download today for existing customers, Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 helps merchants increase their sales and productivity in many ways.

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Make Sure Delivery Isn’t Your Weakest Link This Holiday

Retailers see 20% of annual retail sales occurring between Black Friday and Christmas, and, this year, there are only twenty-six shopping days between Black Friday and Christmas, just one more than last year, and five fewer than 2012. Though, to be fair, as usual, 50% of shoppers will finish their shopping in the last two weeks of December.

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Making A Personal Connection

With the Fall conference season in full swing, I’ve been thinking about what makes for memorable connections at these events. Shaking hands and talking to partners, customers and prospects all day is exhilarating but also overwhelming! How does someone make a lasting impression? How does someone make that personal connection?

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Expanding into the global e-marketplace? Ask yourself these key questions.

Pack your bags—it’s time to expand your eCommerce business globally. But be warned: Before you start the journey, you’ll need to ask yourself these key questions.

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Holiday Optimization Best Practice Guides

As the holiday season fast approaches, retailers and brands begin the mad scramble of preparing their websites for an influx of shoppers and the most important sales days of the year. With the stakes set high, determining what goes in front of consumers can be a challenge. eBay Enterprise’s Marketing Solutions wants to help you succeed this holiday season.

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Rethinking Customer Service

It’s no secret that service is the key to customer satisfaction. But have you considered its effect on customer loyalty? Subpar service drives 67% of all consumers to find new stores in which to shop. Online, that figure jumps to 89%. While these numbers are startling, consider the opportunities. Simply rethinking your customer service strategy can keep your customers coming back time and again.

Of course, you have to deal with more channels—and more data—than ever before. That’s why we’ve done the research to help you make smart decisions. It’s also why, later this month, we’re hosting a webinar to share with you our information, statistics, and practical advice.

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How to Stand Out in the eCommerce Crowd

The eCommerce marketplace is crowded and noisy. Are you being heard? Here are some surefire tactics to ensure that your voice rises above the rest—and that your customers are listening.

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