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Question: How Can I Drive Higher Conversions? Answer: Google Shopping Campaigns

Earlier this month Google announced it will retire the current paid listing ad (PLA) campaign type in favor of Google Shopping campaigns. This rollout requires all advertisers to upgrade to shopping campaigns by August 2014.

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OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug – eBay Enterprise Solutions are Secure

There has been a lot of news this week about a security vulnerability in a version of OpenSSL, commonly known as the “Heartbleed Bug”. OpenSSL is a popular cryptographic software library used to help keep Internet communications private, so understandably you may have questions about how this might impact your platforms and customer information.

We take the responsibility of keeping our solutions and data protected very seriously at eBay Enterprise. It is our top concern.

We would like to assure you that with regards to the Heartbleed bug:

  • eBay Enterprise commerce platforms are not impacted by this issue and your customers can continue to shop securely.  
  • We know customer safety is your top priority, and we will continue to monitor this bug to ensure our solutions remain protected.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your account representative.

Customer, Alex and Ani, Recognized at Last Night’s Shorty Awards

Last night, the 6th annual Shorty Awards ceremony took place at the New York Times building in New York City and we couldn’t be more proud that one of our own customers, Alex and Ani, was recognized as a finalist for the Best Facebook campaign.

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A New Breed of Retailer Emerges

Recently, Healy Cypher, head of retail innovation for eBay Inc. moderated the “Next Generation of Retail Stores” panel at SXSW in Austin, TX. The panel featured eBay Enterprise clients Bonobos, Rebecca Minkoff and TOMS who focused on the rapid pace of evolution across the retail landscape and the importance of embracing the digitized future. As the panelists discussed what the future holds for retailers and the immense opportunities to engage customers, some interesting trends began to emerge.

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3 Mobile Takeaways From Beauty Brands

Fashion and beauty go hand in hand in the real world and in the virtual world of ecommerce. Both keep a finger on the pulse of new trends, looks and technologies. Both push the bleeding edge of customer engagement. At the recent Retail Business Technology Expo in London, Jonny Stewart, Senior eCommerce Manager in Europe for Perricone MD, and Demetra Pinsent, CEO of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Ltd., joined Tom Lodge, Senior eCommerce Architect at Magento to reflect on their experiences in putting their best foot forward with mobile in a session entitled, “The Future of Mobile Commerce.”

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Members-Only Shopping Sites Tap Exclusivity & Personalization to Drive Growth

As the Internet has put all the world’s wares just a mouse-click away, private shopping sites are proving that customers are willing to put in the extra effort for exclusivity and personalization.

Frank & Oak’s simple mission “is to help a generation of men dress and live well,” and private sales functionality gave them a way to bring style to their customers by tailoring product merchandising and marketing to customer needs. Since their 2012 launch, Frank & Oak has attracted more than one million members. And, though it is free, every customer has to create an account and specify their style and sizing preferences to shop.

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Affiliate…The Best Kept Secret That Needs to Be Told

Earlier this year, Steve Denton, eBay Enterprise’s vice president of marketing solutions, keynoted the Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas. He spoke to more than 5,400 attendees about the important role affiliate marketing plays in the consumer journey and how affiliate is misunderstood but not for the right reasons. It’s more robust and valuable than people think.
What you may not know:

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Official: Order Management is the New Black

With consumers increasingly connected across multiple devices at home, at work, and on the go, the standard notion of “channels” has been obliterated. Traditional retail paradigms have become broken down and outdated. So what is the new must have? The new black? Order Management.

Distributed order management is driving a retail revolution. With the disappearance of traditional channels, it has become clear that a centralized “brain” is critical to omnichannel success. The Order Management System (OMS) is the brain and key to a holistic omnichannel commerce strategy.

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eBay Enterprise helps retailer Alex and Ani increase ROI by 80% through Facebook Ads with Kenshoo Social

Facebook has grown to become a vital part of the digital marketing mix for brands and has proven itself as a powerful direct response channel for marketers, driving significant sales, revenue, and ROI. For eco-friendly jewelry retailer, Alex and Ani, Facebook has contributed greatly to its growth over the past several years. The company is in a “hyper-growth” mode – exploding from less than 30 employees in 2010 to almost 1,000 by the end of 2013 and witnessing growth of 3,569% with sales exceeding $200 million.

In 2013, Alex and Ani began to really focus on and refine its Facebook advertising efforts. Marketers have embraced social media as a way to grow brand awareness and engagement, but still, many have struggled to monetize this channel. Vice President of Digital Strategy at Alex and Ani, Ryan Bonifacino, and his team turned to eBay Enterprise to ultimately help them drive sales and achieve higher ROI through Facebook ads.

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NRF 2014: eBay Enterprise Introduces Ship-From-Store Solution Deployable in 99 Days

This week, at NRF we announced that eBay Enterprise continues to lead the marketplace in enabling mid-sized and large-scale retailers with the ability to implement Ship-From-Store in just 99 days! The eBay Enterprise Ship-from-Store SaaS solution, will allow retailers to quickly turn their physical retail locations into virtual distribution centers maximizing profit margins and decreasing the need to discount in-store inventory by optimizing online order fulfillment from the best store location.

Effective omnichannel capabilities, like Ship-from-Store, significantly boost sales, enhance the consumer experience and improve customer loyalty. With 77% of consumers expecting retailers to be consistent in-store and online, Ship-from-Store will give retailers the means necessary to meet their expectations by combining traditionally siloed in-store and online inventories.

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