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Expanding into the global e-marketplace? Ask yourself these key questions.

Pack your bags—it’s time to expand your eCommerce business globally. But be warned: Before you start the journey, you’ll need to ask yourself these key questions.

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Holiday Optimization Best Practice Guides

As the holiday season fast approaches, retailers and brands begin the mad scramble of preparing their websites for an influx of shoppers and the most important sales days of the year. With the stakes set high, determining what goes in front of consumers can be a challenge. eBay Enterprise’s Marketing Solutions wants to help you succeed this holiday season.

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Rethinking Customer Service

It’s no secret that service is the key to customer satisfaction. But have you considered its effect on customer loyalty? Subpar service drives 67% of all consumers to find new stores in which to shop. Online, that figure jumps to 89%. While these numbers are startling, consider the opportunities. Simply rethinking your customer service strategy can keep your customers coming back time and again.

Of course, you have to deal with more channels—and more data—than ever before. That’s why we’ve done the research to help you make smart decisions. It’s also why, later this month, we’re hosting a webinar to share with you our information, statistics, and practical advice.

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How to Stand Out in the eCommerce Crowd

The eCommerce marketplace is crowded and noisy. Are you being heard? Here are some surefire tactics to ensure that your voice rises above the rest—and that your customers are listening.

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Channel Surfing: Avoiding Conflict

What are the right channels for your brand? There’s no right or wrong answer—but there are some guidelines you can follow to ensure that your strategy works for you and your customers.

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The Value of a Customer-Centric Mindset

The beauty of working for eBay Enterprise is the ability to partner with leading brands and commerce companies of all shapes, sizes, industries and geographies. However, we still find that there are key opportunities for improvement. Of all of these problem statements for our clients, the one that continues to rear its head is a lack of a consumer-centric mentality.

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Not Ready for Holiday?

Today, we released the findings of our 2014 Holiday Retail Audit examining how brands are prioritizing their investments in retail infrastructure ahead of the holiday season. More than 1,000 U.S. ecommerce and marketing professionals from online retailers with revenues of $5 million to $250 million participated in the research and here’s what they told us.

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Creating an Effective Display Ad Strategy

Display advertising is one of the most valuable forms of advertising on the web. It’s also one of the most challenging. Here’s your chance to learn how to create an effect display ad strategy—and how to gain new customers with look-alike and behavioral targeting.

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The Right Delivery Makes All The Difference

Why do online customers leave items sitting in their shopping carts without purchasing? Studies show there’s a greater than 50% chance they found the shipping costs too high.

There’s no reason to let these sales get away. By optimizing your shipping methods—either on your own or with the help of eBay Enterprise—you can close these transactions. It’s all in the delivery.

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eBay Enterprise Expands Its International Business Footprint

Today we are excited to announced our move into a larger facility in Barcelona, Spain, to support our international growth and client demand. eBay Enterprise has seen client sales grow by double-digit figures over the last year.

The new office will afford our ability to more than double its current occupancy as the business grows. In addition to the Barcelona office, eBay Enterprise currently has European operations located in Berlin, London, and Manchester. 

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