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Creating an Effective Display Ad Strategy

Display advertising is one of the most valuable forms of advertising on the web. It’s also one of the most challenging. Here’s your chance to learn how to create an effect display ad strategy—and how to gain new customers with look-alike and behavioral targeting.

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The Right Delivery Makes All The Difference

Why do online customers leave items sitting in their shopping carts without purchasing? Studies show there’s a greater than 50% chance they found the shipping costs too high.

There’s no reason to let these sales get away. By optimizing your shipping methods—either on your own or with the help of eBay Enterprise—you can close these transactions. It’s all in the delivery.

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eBay Enterprise Expands Its International Business Footprint

Today we are excited to announced our move into a larger facility in Barcelona, Spain, to support our international growth and client demand. eBay Enterprise has seen client sales grow by double-digit figures over the last year.

The new office will afford our ability to more than double its current occupancy as the business grows. In addition to the Barcelona office, eBay Enterprise currently has European operations located in Berlin, London, and Manchester. 

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Introducing the eBay Enterprise Commerce Marketing Platform

Every day we ask ourselves how can we help our clients win in a complex and rapidly changing landscape where today’s hyper-connected consumer makes the rules—and rewrites them constantly.

Our conversations with you provided the answer: simplify. Start with the customer, and re-imagine how to have personal conversations with each of them, across every channel. With that, we began working on a new suite of integrated applications to help you acquire, engage with, and retain customers like never before.

Today, I’m excited to introduce the eBay Enterprise Commerce Marketing Platform, the first and only integrated marketing platform that will enable you to drive and optimize 1:1 commerce at scale.

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3 Tips to finding Social Media ROI

We’ve had the privilege of working in social media since the early days when we partnered with a leading clothing retailer back in 2010 to introduce a product-level Facebook Like button. This may seem like table steaks given eMarketer estimates that 88% of marketers cite they will use social media in their marketing mix today, but at the time it wasn’t clear just how well it would work. Now 4 years later, brands tie goals to their social media programs, commonly citing brand awareness, customer acquisition and retention as top of mind.

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Can You Really Make Affiliate Marketing Work For You? YES.

Building a network of affiliates can be a smart way to attract and engage new customers. Unfortunately, consumer behavior changes so quickly, it can be challenging for these publishing networks to deliver on their promise. What’s more, affiliates have suffered from common misperceptions over the years—namely, that affiliate sales offer lower Average Order Values (AOVs), and that they highjack sales from other channels. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

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eBay Enterprise Named a ‘Strong Performer’ in Independent Evaluation of Omnichannel Order Management

Forrester Research, Inc. just released its Omnichannel Order Management Wave™ Report, in which eBay Enterprise was named a ‘Strong Performer’. A guiding force in the technology industry, Forrester recognizes in this report that omnichannel OMS systems are now a must-have technology for almost every eBusiness leader.

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New Trends. New Retail. New Opportunities.

Many pundits assume the end is near for brick-and-mortar stores. Why? Because they see the latest trends—specifically, the drop in retail construction. But these naysayers just might be wrong. Consider Apple stores. Many predicted their demise, but they’re now the world’s most profitable retail space, generating $5,626 in sales per square foot.1

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10 Secrets to Effective User Research

User research is vital to understanding your target consumers. But what are the right research methods—and when should you apply them? Here are 10 little-known strategies that will help you get the most from your research.

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Cross-border Ecommerce: Catching the Trade Winds

As senior director of cross-border trade, I recently had the privilege of representing PayPal at an ecommerce panel in South America. I was impressed by the panel’s insights—particularly its heightened awareness of cross-border ecommerce.

Some countries aggressively pursue this opportunity, while others, like North America, leave it untapped. It makes sense that countries with smaller domestic markets would reach for international sales, but those with larger domestic markets should also consider the possibilities.

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