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eBay Enterprise Named a ‘Strong Performer’ in Independent Evaluation of Omnichannel Order Management

Forrester Research, Inc. just released its Omnichannel Order Management Wave™ Report, in which eBay Enterprise was named a ‘Strong Performer’. A guiding force in the technology industry, Forrester recognizes in this report that omnichannel OMS systems are now a must-have technology for almost every eBusiness leader.

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New Trends. New Retail. New Opportunities.

Many pundits assume the end is near for brick-and-mortar stores. Why? Because they see the latest trends—specifically, the drop in retail construction. But these naysayers just might be wrong. Consider Apple stores. Many predicted their demise, but they’re now the world’s most profitable retail space, generating $5,626 in sales per square foot.1

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10 Secrets to Effective User Research

User research is vital to understanding your target consumers. But what are the right research methods—and when should you apply them? Here are 10 little-known strategies that will help you get the most from your research.

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Cross-border Ecommerce: Catching the Trade Winds

As senior director of cross-border trade, I recently had the privilege of representing PayPal at an ecommerce panel in South America. I was impressed by the panel’s insights—particularly its heightened awareness of cross-border ecommerce.

Some countries aggressively pursue this opportunity, while others, like North America, leave it untapped. It makes sense that countries with smaller domestic markets would reach for international sales, but those with larger domestic markets should also consider the possibilities.

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What Is Commerce Strategy?

Today's consumers have an insatiable appetite to hunt. They love comparing options and scoring the best deal. Consider how consumers jumped online when wireless speeds and search engine capabilities exploded. Now, powerful mobile devices make it possible to shop anywhere, anytime—sometimes on two devices at once. By 2017, worldwide B2C ecommerce sales are expected to rise from $1.5 to $2.3T per year.

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Important Announcement about Magento Go and ProStores

Today, we're announcing that we will be transitioning our Magento Go and ProStores merchants off of these products by February 1, 2015.

Merchant stores will not be affected during the Holiday shopping season - they will continue to operate and perform normally and Magento will continue to provide Customer Service until February 1, 2015.

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eBay Inc.’s Magento Platform Fuels Webstore for Baby Product Maker

Create an engaging experience, and they will come. That’s the lesson learned by Munchkin, an award-winning manufacturer of baby products, as it recently launched its new direct-to-consumer webstore built on eBay Inc.’s Magento platform. Munchkin’s thriving webstore also uses PayPal for payments, and the company has just tapped eBay Enterprise’s Marketing Solutions for demand generation.

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Easy Steps to Optimal Sites

Is your website as effective as it could be? Odds are, it probably isn’t. The good news? eBay Enterprise is ready to help.

Speaking from years of analyzing and improving user experience, eBay Enterprise has compiled a list of recommendations for how to optimize your site, breaking it down into categories of improvement so you can get the most of each step. Want to maximize conversions and boost sales? Here’s how:

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Mission: Save the Sale

With online shopping on the rise, in-store sales are falling through the cracks. But this online advantage should come as no surprise—digital shopping offers more convenience, wider selection of products, and greater chances of in-stock availability than its brick and mortar counterpart.

If a product is unavailable in-stores, it can often be found online. Yet due to limited access and integration, online availability does little to help out with an in-store sale. To put it simply: If a brick and mortar store doesn’t have a desired product, the customer will leave, empty-handed, and the sale will be lost.

But why should an in-store retailer miss sales that, somewhere, they have the inventory to fulfill? The truth is, they shouldn’t, and retailers are working hard to fix this. Some are setting up onsite computers in the hopes that customers will use them to purchase unavailable items, but eBay Enterprise envisions a different means for success.

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Making Money Is Never Out Of Season

Retailers invest a lot of money in their brick-and-mortar stores—and battle all year ‘round to generate a return on that investment. To get the most from their limited space, they usually rotate their inventory on a seasonal basis, offering only those items that are likely to sell that quarter, or that month, or that day.

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