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The impact of consumer digitization for retailers and brands is dramatic. The line between traditional retail and ecommerce hasn't blurred, it has disappeared.

Magento Enterprise Edition is our licensed open core platform. It offers an enterprise-class native feature set and unparalleled flexibility through direct source code access and APIs. Magento Enterprise Edition supports on-premise deployment, managed hosting (via partners) and on-demand cloud deployment (via partners). As a licensed-deployed solution, clients have full control of their deployment model and data.

eBay Enterprise Retail Order Management solution provides clients with a reliable and scalable Platform-as-a-Service model. Clients can manage orders from multiple brands, sites, and customer touch points. It optimizes order distribution by determining the most efficient source for order fulfillment. And it includes an extensive set of reporting/ business intelligence capabilities. This solution provides tight orchestration across the entire technology value chain, spanning several key areas: distributed order management, omnichannel inventory management, and reporting. It can also be a part of an integrated eBay Enterprise commerce solution, or as a standalone integrated solution to third party storefronts. eBay Enterprise Retail Order Management provides a powerful foundation for omnichannel success. Optional modules include store fulfillment and payments. Clients can even use other third-party web stores, and the solution is pre-integrated for easy combination with Magento Enterprise Edition.

The eBay Enterprise Payment and Protection module is an optional, end-to-end payment solution that can be seamlessly integrated with eBay Enterprise Retail Order Management solution. The eBay Enterprise payments infrastructure provides a robust online payment processing engine. Its capabilities include price, tax, and shipping calculations, address verification, and order review. Fraud prevention, credit card authorization, permit payment using PayPal, settlement and alternative payment processing is all included. And it also handles private label credit cards, gift cards, and online gift certificates.

eBay Enterprise Store Fulfillment solutions provide modular, cloud-based Software-as-a-Service Ship-from Store, In-Store Pickup and Ship-to Store capabilities. These solutions give retailers full visibility into inventory across stores, distribution centers, and even suppliers. Now they can deliver goods at the best possible speed and cost while preserving the best possible margin. This solution is proven to increase sales, enhance the consumer experience, and improve customer retention rates.

eBay Enterprise Retail Associate Platform is a modular, mobile-based platform. It brings data and commerce together into a powerful toolset. Designed to increase in-store sales through better consumer engagement, the Retail Associate Platform offers a variety of different modules. These are commerce, customer, product, and omnichannel fulfillment. Now retailers can increase top line revenue while decreasing bottom line costs, for maximum profitability. The platform is completely open and can connect to existing retail system implementations. Developed by some of the industry’s leading mobile developers, this flexible architecture and mobile interface allows retailers to create world class in-store engagement. It also comes at a fraction of the cost and time it takes to deploy other solutions, or to build from scratch.

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