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Build Something

Transforming Commerce

Consumer behavior is transforming commerce more profoundly today than at any other point in the brief history of the internet. Innovations in consumer technology have given shoppers the ability to find and buy the things they love and need from anywhere and at anytime. eBay Enterprise's clients – some of the world's largest brands and retailers – need our help to keep up and meet that demand.

Talent is just the beginning

Behind the effort to create new and innovative commerce solutions that meet the everywhere consumer are engineers, data analysts, marketers and merchandisers who thrive in that moment of disruption and can knock down old approaches to commerce with new ideas that are the building blocks for the future of commerce. eBay Enterprise was founded with the spirit of entrepreneurialism and retail innovation. And as a part of eBay Inc. we're more resolute than ever to stay that way. Talent matters – but a passion for building something new matters more.

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